Lockdown Was Easier Than This

ungrateful cow
At the risk of sounding like an ungrateful cow... lockdown was easier than this.
Not necessarily better, but definitely easier.
I know I’m in the acute minority for whom this is the case, how beyond fortunate I am, how this might sound hugely selfish or plain ridiculous to some, but it’s true for me.
During lockdown, my partner was working from home on reasonably flexible hours.
For me as a stay-home, work-in-pockets-of-time parent, those few months of lockdown were…

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I’m not anti-men, I’m anti patriarchy.

I’m not anti-men, I’m anti patriarchy.
I’m not anti-white, I’m anti-racism.
I’m not anti-life, I’m anti rich, white men exercising control over women and womb-having bodies then restricting their access to welfare, secure employment and affordable childcare; committing them and their offspring to a lifetime of poverty; creating fodder for the foster care and prison systems they profit from; all regardless of the person’s consent (or ability to consent), age, welfare, contraceptio…

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When Leaders Don’t Lead, We Must Dismantle Things From Our Insides Out

I have been at a loss about what to say here lately, or if I should say anything at all.

We have a NSW Premier who thinks priests shouldn’t be mandatory reporters of sexual assault, and drops signing interpreters from health briefings on the double.

We have a PM who treats climate change as a joke, spend billions (trillions?) on nuclear submarines while making countless diplomatic bungles.

We are stopping manufacturing AZ well before the world’s poorer nations get their sh…

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Self-Employed or Social Media Employee? Resetting A Boundary For Your Business.

side profile of anna cusack
An advisor once told me that a successful business is one where every employee is totally replaceable.

If you’re self-employed like me, that sounds impossible to achieve, and in many ways it is.

But when I create content for social media, I am essentially an employee. Apps are making their money by you and I making content and putting it next to ads. If I don’t make content for a day, no one’s feed will be empty - I am replaceable here.

So where am I irreplaceable? Where p…

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The 9 Week Wait: My AZ Experience

second AZ dose
Nine weeks ago I was sitting here crying.

I had a Pfizer appointment booked a few weeks later, but regional Pfizer doses kept getting rediverted. Knowing I wanted to be protected before schools reopened, I had taken what at the time felt like a massive risk and made the call to get an AZ.

The nurse was lovely. I gave my consent and hardly felt the shot. Afterwards she asked me if I was ok, but when I tried to answer her no sound came out.
I was part relieved to start the pro…

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The Wiggle House: Representation Can’t Be The End Of This Story

emma watkins and tsehay hawkins

Did anyone else’s Little Wiggle get a bit knocked around the by the skivvy handover announcement? 

As mum to a two year old daughter, it’s been wonderful having Emma’s voice in our speaker and presence on stage as a female band member.  

Clearly, representation matters. 

As Tsehay Hawkins steps from the support crew to the main lineup, more children will see themselves reflected in the kids’ entertainment juggernaut that is the Wiggles. 

While it’s sad to see Emma go, Tsehay is a brilliant p…

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Why The Pandemic Shadow Stretches Longer For Mothers and Primary Carers

looking good

Research tells us that rates of depression and anxiety have increased during the pandemic
A. When lockdowns occur, and
B. When case numbers rise.

Unfortunately we have needed lockdowns to occur to mitigate the rise in case numbers and subsequently mitigate the number of people with severe illness overwhelming the hospital system. If our healthcare system stays afloat, more people with severe disease can get the treatment they need, and fewer people die.

Data indicates that women* and young people ar…

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This is What Career Suicide Looks Like

this is what career suicide looks like
“Don’t touch this topic Anna, it’s career suicide.”
At first I tried to “love and light” my content through it.
I tried to continue talking pregnancy, birth, postpartum, motherhood and parenting as if the world as we knew it wasn’t burning down around us.
I tried to make sure I wouldn’t turn off any “potential clients”...
...until I realised that not speaking was eating me up inside.
I was being a bystander as misinformation spread like wildfire throu…

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“‘Underlying health conditions’ is the new ‘but what was she wearing?’”

there is a moment

There is a moment with your newborn, sometime between midnight and 3am a couple of days or weeks in, where you realise you are not as independent as you thought you were.

Where you look around for the people who are meant to be there helping you be okay and realise that they are not there.

Where you feel vulnerable and alone.

Inside that feeling of being totally let down, you realise individualism (with it’s pedestal of being a totally independent woman who doesn’t need help from anyone especially …

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Seeding Doubt: Why “Asking The Question” Can Mean So Much More

When someone starts off a statement with “I don’t mean to be racist, but…” you know they’re about to say something racist.

Same with “I don’t want to sound rude, but…” You know they’re almost certainly about to hurt your feelings.

When someone starts a COVID-related post or comment with “Just asking the question…” chances are they’re not asking questions, they’re trying either trying to plant seeds of doubt, or passing on seeds of doubt that someone else has planted in them.

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