The 9 Week Wait: My AZ Experience

second AZ dose
Nine weeks ago I was sitting here crying.

I had a Pfizer appointment booked a few weeks later, but regional Pfizer doses kept getting rediverted. Knowing I wanted to be protected before schools reopened, I had taken what at the time felt like a massive risk and made the call to get an AZ.

The nurse was lovely. I gave my consent and hardly felt the shot. Afterwards she asked me if I was ok, but when I tried to answer her no sound came out.
I was part relieved to start the process, but I was also very, very scared.

That night I woke up in a sweat. By morning I had the same kind of nausea and lightheadedness you get with a bad hangover. I’d get to the point of feeling like I could get out of bed, then stand up and realise I couldn’t do it and flop back down onto the mattress again. I had a headache too. I asked someone to look after my kid for the day and started googling about clots...

Between feeling ill, I was so angry at myself.

Why didn’t I just wait for the Pfizer?

I am giving my toddler my milk, and Pfizer was the recommended one for breastfeeding parents (at the time).

My age group was recommended to have Pfizer too.

The longer AZ dose gap would have meant I’d end up being double dosed later than if I’d waited for the Pfizer appointment (if it had even been there for me on the day).

I popped a couple of ibuprofen and had some water. Within 20 minutes I was upright and looking for food.

That afternoon I had a group zoom with some girlfriends all involved in health and wellbeing in one way or another. Wrapped in a blanket, I told them I had the flu.

I didn’t want to turn them off getting vaccinated if they were privately considering it.

I didn’t want them to disown me as a friend if they were anti.

I didn’t feel up to discussing my beliefs in science, collectivism and social responsibility as well as my belief in the power of nature, personal healing and spirituality.

Time passed. I was fine.

I started explaining the research, science and social ramifications more here. People left my space in droves. New people are jumping in (welcome!) and I am so sure we will get on like a house on fire.

So here I am, nine weeks later, double dosed, with a big old smile under that mask.

I am done with a week to spare before school resumes.

I am giving my kid antibodies her age group can’t get any other way.

And I have done so much reading, listening and talking on the topics of COVID-19, vaccination, breastfeeding, pregnancy and fertility that I am so, so sure I made the correct choice for me.

I have even become so confident in the mechanism and safety that had I fallen pregnant again between my first dose and now, I still would’ve received the non-preferred AZ as scheduled.

I feel an amazing sense of relief.

Post-vax symptoms are less likely with AZ second time around, and I’ve got some ibuprofen on board just in case. (FYI temporary post-Pfizer symptoms are more likely after dose 2, as per images).

If you are hesitating, I get it.

I did too.

I hope in the end you feel as satisfied in your decisions as I do. ❤️✌️
[ID: image of Anna wearing a blue mask and straw hat. She holds up two fingers to make the “peace” sign]


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