About Anna Cusack


Anna Cusack is a Motherhood Revolutionist. As an author, podcaster, blogger and speaker, Anna reaches thousands of women every year with evidence-based information and inspirational, actionable content.

Anna combines her knowledge in areas such as traditional postpartum care, breastfeeding support, sociology and exercise physiology to guide women through their transition to parenthood and early years of mothering.

Working from her base on Awabakal Country (Lake Macquarie area, NSW), Anna's services include postbirth planning, in-home and online postbirth support, and private mentoring for mothers and the professionals who work with them. 

Her book "Mama, You're Not Broken: Unmasking the Unspoken Emotions of Modern Motherhood" was released in May 2021 and has been receiving rave reviews from parents and support professionals alike.

You can find Anna as host of the "Anna Asks" podcast, where she asks the big questions on birth, postpartum, parenting, politics, culture, allyship and more.

You can find both evidence-backed information and motherhood musings on her blog, and follow along with her social commentary on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Anna Cusack

    “Anna creates a space to connect with other mothers when social isolation can be hard. She is encouraging and provides the tools to reconnect with the part of yourself that is calm amongst the chaos of being mum.”

    Mum of two

  • Anna Cusack

    “I've finished reading your book. Your words are perfect and it's just what I needed... It helped me realise a few things that I couldn't pinpoint about myself, and I've started thinking about myself in a different way. I can see past the rage and the grief and overwhelm. I have a long way to go but I'm on a good path now. Thank you for your work!”


  • Anna Cusack

    “Just having that space for mums to feel heard is so important, particularly in the current situation... Thank you for providing that space.”

    Mum of one