Mama, You're Not Broken

Unmasking The Unspoken Emotions of Modern Motherhood


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    “This really is the book I needed to read 22yrs ago when I was wandering around in a daze as a new mother trying to make sense of it all. You’ve done a beautiful job bringing heart and information together. I will be sure to tell other mummas about it!”

    Speaker, Educator, Author & Co-Host of The Aware Parenting Podcast

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    “This soulfully written book is the perfect antidote for mothers struggling to find themselves after having a baby. Society seems hellbent on making new mothers feel like failures but Anna breathes fresh perspective into weary hearts and souls.”

    Founder of The Beyond Sleep Training Project, Managing Director of Little Sparklers, host of The Beyond Sleep Training podcast

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    “You are a voice I love to hear in this space. Your work, your book "Mama, You're Not Broken"... the way you talk about motherhood has always seemed to me incredibly generous and vulnerable.”

    Matrescence Activist, Author, Journalist & host of the Happy Mama Movement podcast

From the back cover

What is wrong with me?

Am I the only one who feels this way?

I can't keep this up... how are all the other mothers doing this?

Why did no one tell me it would be like this?

For too long, the first rule of motherhood has been not to speak about the reality of motherhood. We are warned about the dizzying highs, the moments of heart bursting love, and the depths and despair of exhaustion, yet the in-between bits don’t rate a mention. Swirling (and often simultaneous) emotions like fear, overwhelm, anger, guilt, grief and even boredom are all but missing from the conversation completely.

Anna Cusack’s Mama, You’re Not Broken breaks the silence on these taboo topics, exploring the emotional underbelly and physiological processes of being a mother within a social framework that doesn’t value the work of raising children. Part wakeup call and part warm shower (alone), Cusack draws on research and personal experience to shine a light on the ways we can transcend the feelings of inadequacy, isolation and altogether not-enoughness that plague us as modern mothers. This book is an invitation to mothers to move beyond the myth that “this is just the way things are” in order to cultivate a more meaningful and satisfying life than the perfectly pleasant, self-sacrificing version of motherhood we’ve been sold, for ourselves and for our children.

It’s time to unmask the unspoken emotions of modern motherhood. 


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Anna Cusack is a Motherhood Revolutionist. As an author, podcaster, blogger and speaker, Anna reaches thousands of women every year with evidence-based information and inspirational, actionable content. Anna combines her knowledge in areas such as traditional postpartum care, breastfeeding support, sociology and exercise physiology to guide women through their transition to parenthood and early years of mothering. Her services include postbirth planning, in-home and online postbirth support, and mentoring for mothers and the professionals who work with them. You can find her on the “Anna Asks” podcast, at, and on her socials as @annacusackpostpartum.



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