Ceremonies and Special Circles

Important milestones and rites of passage are so often overlooked in our fast-paced society. To mark key milestones in our life's journey is to begin the process of integrating these experiences into our sense of self.

As an experienced circle facilitator it is my honour to craft bespoke ceremonies and special ceremonies to recognise, celebrate and support you at key transitional and transformational times in your life. Your circle may be held before a birth or following it, after weaning, as you forge a new path post-separation, or as a way to signify the close of child-bearing or mark then end of the intense years of parenting under 5s.

I work to create a sense of peace, calm and holding for you and those in your inner circle, cultivating a deep sense of holding and reverence, and seamlessly developing shared points of meaningful connection between those meeting for the first time.

In order to make your ceremony as stress-free as possible, I provide all necessary items including centrepieces, specialty teas, delicious food, mats, cushions, music and more.