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Tips for Transitioning to Two (or More) Kids: Seven simple ways to make it easier on everyone

This article was first published elsewhere in August 2023.

In case you hadn’t noticed, becoming a parent is a big deal. An assumption people often make when a second or subsequent baby (or babies, if you’re expecting multiples) comes along is that because you’ve done it before, you’ve got it covered and don’t need so much help. In some ways they’re right, but in many they’re very, very wrong.

Yes, you’ve parented a baby before, but you’ve never parented THIS baby.

If you’re the gestationa…

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I'm not antisocial, I'm a doula

This article was first published elsewhere in June 2023.

There was a time in the distant pre-kids past when I was a gym junkie. With an exercise science degree under my belt, this was fraught with danger. Every time I stepped through the doors of a gym I was met with a wave of unqualified people giving their only slightly less experienced training buddies the shittest of shit advice, barely-teenage personal trainers cluelessly writing pelvic floor destructor programs for postnatal mot…

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From bliss to psychosis and the long road back to mental health - An interview with Emmeline Tyler

Copy of Copy of Organic Pink Stories Podcast Cover (1)

We now know it's important to be on the lookout for signs of postnatal depression, anxiety and even psychosis in the early days, but what happens if a mother experiences a mental health crisis further down the track?

In this episode of the Anna Asks podcast, Emmeline Tyler (she/her) shares openly about her birth and blissful postpartum, and how these assisted in helping her be well. She explains how personal and societal factors influenced the unravelling of her mental health during the toddler…

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An angry mother is an underresourced mother


Thursday night was one of the most relaxed nights I can remember with my kids. I played and bathed with them without having to feign interest. There was no arguing or gritting my teeth despite my unfairly low-sleep-needs firstborn not being interested in sleep until well after 9pm. I was solo parenting but had it covered. I am smashing this mum-of-two thing, I thought as I dozed off alongside both of my sleeping cherubs, I’ve got this in the bag.

The following night, less than 24 hours after pa…

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Hey Partners! Here's How to Get Us Hot Under The Collar

You know those calendars where sexy men are doing housework? I can do one better, and it’s not just men doing the housework in real life.

Sure, people with and without appendages can cook and clean, and in most cisgender opposite-sex couple households, it’d be long overdue for men to do more of these things.

Yet to me these are the minimum of adulting, not what’s going to get me hot under the collar.

So what does?

When I hear my giggling child say “s…

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I tried so hard to get my child to take a comforter

I tried so hard to get my child to take a comforter. It was a square piece of fleece blue fabric with white stars and a satin yellow underside, with a toy head sewn to the centre that may have been a giraffe or perhaps a spotted horse or maybe even a cow depending on who was looking at it.
I wore it inside my shirt, held it between us as we breastfed, all the things you’re told to do to make a “lovey” loved by association.
I took it on holidays and lamented that I was the one des…

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Parents, when you don't know what to say, try this.

what do i say
Sometimes parents ask me “What do I say when my child does xyz?” They don’t want to yell but don’t know what to say instead and get stuck in old patterns.
To those people I say “How can you know what to say before you’ve listened?”
Every behaviour is an attempt at communication and connection, however misguided or seemingly irrational.
Turn your feet and body towards them. Soften your stomach. Uncross your arms. Crouch down to their eye level, maybe sit on the floor with t…

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Seven Minute Bluey Parenting Challenge


Every episode of Bluey is seven minutes.

When you think cartoon dogs are doing better at parenting than you, remember you are only seeing them parenting for seven minutes across a day.

Sometimes being “fun” is the last thing we want to do, but we can totally do seven minutes.

Set a timer to be totally child-led and phone-free for seven minutes.

Maybe 14 if 7 was too easy, or 21 if you’re feeling brave.

When you know there’s an end point, it’s easier than you’d think.

Give it a go - Chilli and Bandit g…

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No, I Do Not Support Your Parenting Choices

parenting choices
Some people will say they will support you in your parenting choices, whatever those choices are. I am not one of them.
If an adult hits or threatens to hit another adult, that’s abuse. If a parent hits or threatens to hit a child, that’s abuse.
If you know that smacked children are more likely to become adults who misuse alcohol, experience depression and engage in anti-social and aggressive behaviours, and still choose to use violence or threats of it against your children, I c…

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Gentle Parenting is Not Unboundaried Passivity

gentle parenting
Gentle parenting respects the needs of children as valid and worthy of being met, without dismissing the needs or boundaries of their parents.
Gentle parenting is developmentally appropriate guidance and support, not a lack of discipline.
Gentle parenting is expansive for parents, not self-minimising.
Gentle parenting creates confident, resilient individuals, not spoiled ones.
Gentle parenting is an active, effortful choice, not avoidant passivity.

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