Mothers As A Foghorn For The Family's Needs: Why It's Not As Simple As Telling Fathers To "Step Up"

“My doctor was lovely but they didn’t get it. They suggested therapy and yes, it might help, but I already know what I need to do to look after myself. I need to read a book in the sunshine, with more than five minutes between interruptions. I need to go for a run, regularly. I need to sleep for ten years. And above all, I need my husband to deal with his own sh*t so he can actually parent instead of me doing everything for everyone and him being a passenger in this family.” I r…

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Catching Up Post-Lockdown? 6 questions you can ask new parents before you meet their new baby

6 questions to ask a new mum
New parents might have felt sad or isolated through lockdown. They might also be feeling anxious about restrictions easing.
Here are 6 questions you can ask new parents before you meet their new baby to help them feel prepared for and safe during your visit, and to help you feel a lot less awkward about not knowing where their personal boundaries lie.

1. Would you like to meet up soon, or hold off a while?
You may be busting to meet the baby, but ultimately your job …

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Where Has Our Gut Feeling Gone?


[Following on from the image above]

What alienates us from our gut feeling as parents?

👉Traumatic or disrupted birth experiences or health system interactions that leave us feeling disconnected from our bodies and our babies

👉Social structures that prevent us seeing the breadth of normal infant behaviour before we have our own babies

👉A pervasive sleep training culture and lack of access to quality resources around how to make co-sleeping safe

👉Individualistic culture that leaves parents ex…

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Postbirth Pelvic Floor Tips


If the idea of jumping on the trampoline or chasing after a bus sends shivers down your spine, it’s very likely your pelvic floor has some room for improvement.

The official stat is that 1 in 3 women who have ever had a baby wet themselves, but the figure is probably higher if we counted those women who avoid aggravating activities or just lose a little bit of wee when they laugh or cough or pick up a heavy kid when they’re busting for the loo.

Regardless of whether your baby was born last…

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Please, No Gift Cards

sleeping toddy
I love that you’re thinking of me Babe, but please, don't give me a gift card this Mothers’ Day.
I adore that want to give me the gift of choice, but honestly I am choiced out enough as it is already.
“What’s for dinner tonight?”
“Do I wake her from that awkward 6pm nap?”
“Is this sniffle enough to keep them home from day care, and if so, how will I manage that conference call?”
I literally cannot fit one more decision into this brain.
Don’t get me w…

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Top Tips for Partners Post-birth

Copy of Love from baby (1)
The number one question I get from partners in post-birth prep session is "What can I actually do when the baby's here?"
Here are my top ten tips for expecting partners and supporters.
1. Be there.
Take as much leave as you can, skip Friday drinks and soccer training. Your reassuring presence is supremely valuable.
2. Be her bodyguard.
Some visitors are energy vampires. Keep an eye on the clock and wrap up visits if she's fading. It's also on you to step in i…

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Things they don't tell you about motherhood #2739 (and 10 things that help)


I have never felt so angry in all my life as in the last two weeks.

I'm certainly not immune to anger, but it often passes pretty soon. Until the last fortnight, the worst bout of anger I've had in recent years was the week I spent writing my book chapter on anger (funny that).

This time though, it's been epic. I didn't have a blue with my partner, and nothing particularly awful happened, but every tool in my tool-belt has been called on to avoid throwing the child I love most in the world acr…

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What's wrong, Mama?

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 12.39.53 PM
The baby is ten months old.
She wants to crawl but her dress catches under her knees.
She sits, unable to get away.
She is a good baby.

The child is four years old.
The family is leaving the party, but first she must hug the uncle who keeps tickling her when she tells him to stop.
She hugs him.
She is polite.

The girl is seven years old.
She hears her Aunty talking about what happened to her at the hospital when she birthed her baby.
She doesn’t ask questions.
She is res…

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The Mothermorphosis

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.20.36 PM

“Come at me baby, I can take you. Give me everything you’ve got”.
My daughter was five months old when these words left my lips.
The moment they escaped, I felt sick.

I knew I couldn’t handle all the parts of her.
She was a firecracker.
All her feelings, all her boundary pushing, her power and glory... they were too much for the woman who spoke them and I knew it.

I was scared.
The anxiety rose.
It would take a huge, ongoing up-levelling, to be with a child so strong-willed.

A year and a half later, she …

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Why Investing In Mothers Will Help Solve the Childhood Physical Inactivity Epidemic


This morning I watched a video of Serena Williams training in the lead up to the Australian Open with her daughter hitting balls alongside her. Aside from being super cute, it got me reflecting on a question I was asked in an interview earlier this week: “what would be the single most important step we could take towards solving the problem of childhood inactivity?”

Physical activity in children helps with concentration, learning, emotional regulation, sleep quality, bone and muscular health, c…

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