Anna Cusack


Sometimes it feels like pregnancy, birth and postpartum are all about the baby, but what about you? The health of our communities depends on mothers, parents and caregivers getting the support they need to be okay. Whether you are 8 weeks pregnant or your youngest is 8 years old, you matter too.

I’m Anna (she/her) and I’m a doula, but not in the “hold your hand during labour” kind of way you might be familiar with. My work happens outside the birthing room, providing you with emotional support, technical or knowledge-based advice and resources and organisational assistance through pregnancy decision making, birth mapping, postpartum planning, birth debriefing, postpartum planning and non-judgemental guidance through the early months and years of parenting.

I come to doula work with a postgraduate degree in physiology (how the body works), multiple years experience working in the health system and keen eye for how our social structures influence our lived experience as mothers and parents. I'm also a mum of two little ones, which although not essential to be a good doula, helps me to really "get" where you're at and empathise with the challenges you may be facing.

I host quarterly circles/mini-retreats in Lake Macquarie and a variety of online events, get behind the mic on the "Anna Asks" podcast and publish weekly articles via my Substack, the Default Parent Project

My book "Mama, You're Not Broken: Unmasking the Unspoken Emotions of Modern Motherhood" has been praised by some of the best in the business and led to me running guest workshops on guilt, overwhelm and anger in motherhood at various parent support groups and early education centres. At times I am asked to craft personalised gatherings, such as honouring an upcoming birth or weaning, or marking a relationship separation, and these fill my heart right up. Please do reach out and contact me if you would like to bring your own ideas to life.

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That's right, "Mama, You're Not Broken" is available now, worldwide in paperback and eBook formats.

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  • Anna Cusack

    “Motherhood can be hard and isolating. Anna’s encouragement and support to honour my own physical and emotional needs has been so valuable, which in turn makes me feel better able to look after my babies.”

    Mum of two

I would like to pay respect to the Awabakal people as the rightful and Traditional Custodians of the land on which I live and work. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge the enduring connections of all First Nations peoples to the earth, water and skies.