Self-Employed or Social Media Employee? Resetting A Boundary For Your Business.

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An advisor once told me that a successful business is one where every employee is totally replaceable.

If you’re self-employed like me, that sounds impossible to achieve, and in many ways it is.

But when I create content for social media, I am essentially an employee. Apps are making their money by you and I making content and putting it next to ads. If I don’t make content for a day, no one’s feed will be empty - I am replaceable here.

So where am I irreplaceable? Where people would actually notice I stopped contributing?

In my family, in my neighbourhood, on the other end of a phone call.

In spaces where people consciously opt in to engage with my work - in mentoring sessions and circle spaces, midway through podcast interviews or workshops, if the pages of my book stopped dead.

These are the people places and spaces where the real magic happens, yet we so often spend time ON the business, not IN the business, and not even IN the lives we are wanting to help others transform.

I’m by no means a business coach, and I understand what it feels like to have (what I feel) is an important message to share.

Also, the world won’t let end if I don’t post tomorrow, or the day after that.

The plan is to be somewhere irreplaceable more of the time. This week I’m going to test out spending more time IN the biz, not ON the biz too, and chime in here when I’m really exceptionally inspired to do so. You’re welcome to join me there, for a session or blog/podcast binge or anything else you fancy.
Didn’t get those smile lines looking at my phone after all.

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