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Looking for a guest speaker that will benefit your early education workforce and your parents simultaneously?

Anna is a highly engaging speaker with a focus on the wellbeing and resourcing of families.

 She works with individuals and groups to assist them in understanding and breaking free from the guilt, overwhelm and anger that so often plagues modern parents. Anna teaches theoretical concepts and practical strategies, enabling parents to stress less and enjoy life with their kids more. Spoiler alert: it’s not about “always being present” or “trying harder”!

Anna teaches "Beyond Guilt" workshop participants to:

  • Break down the myth of the "perfect mother/parent";
  • Reflect on how childhood experiences influence expectations of themselves as parents;
  • Understand and break the cycle of overwhelm, anger and guilt;
  • Move towards kinder self talk for sustainable, confident parenting;
  • Find joy, easefulness and contentment outside the "good mother” or “perfect parent” stereotypes.

This workshop is 2 hours in duration, and other topics or bespoke sessions can be developed to suit your requirements.

Discounted rates apply for non-for-profit organisations.

Anna Cusack

“We are so grateful to have crossed paths with Anna, to be able to have her connect with our beautiful mums with her skills and knowledge… we all felt supported, validated and understood.”

Early childhood educator

Anna Cusack

“Anna was a delight to have as a guest facilitator. Easy to communicate with, with an obvious passion for her work and the difference it makes… she goes above and beyond the workshop brief.”

Regional playgroup coordinator

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