Hey Partners! Here's How to Get Us Hot Under The Collar

You know those calendars where sexy men are doing housework? I can do one better, and it’s not just men doing the housework in real life.

Sure, people with and without appendages can cook and clean, and in most cisgender opposite-sex couple households, it’d be long overdue for men to do more of these things.

Yet to me these are the minimum of adulting, not what’s going to get me hot under the collar.

So what does?

When I hear my giggling child say “stop tickling me, Dad!” and he immediately stops and says “Ok, I’ll stop, because you’re the boss of your own body”;

When I hear him use the proper name for body parts to calmly explain why some people wee standing up;

When I see him get down to eye level with a crying kid and just cuddle them instead of trying to fix anything or distract them...


These are the moments my heart could burst with love.

My arms pulse wanting to hug him tightly and my ovaries scream at me “Yes, him! That guy! Look, he’s got this covered! Make more babies with that guy!”

This is what gets me putting music on and swaying my hips instead of doom-scrolling.

Yes, clean houses are great - and a fantasy for those families who choose to actually LIVE in them.

Men should absolutely clean or wash or do dishes or whatever, but this is entry-level sexy, merely taking enough self-responsibility for us to think “well, maybe tonight we could get frisky because I’m slightly less exhausted than usual and it’s been three weeks already”.

Not hard to see this isn’t a great platform for pleasure-filled raunch, right?!

If you really want to get her going, here’s the deal fellas:

Change the sheets, Dad like you’ve never Dadded before, then shower those sweaty pits.

Come back and look in her eyes, ask what the best part of her day was and watch her swoon.

Seriously guys, that’s it.

No nude calendar-bod required.


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