“‘Underlying health conditions’ is the new ‘but what was she wearing?’”

there is a moment

There is a moment with your newborn, sometime between midnight and 3am a couple of days or weeks in, where you realise you are not as independent as you thought you were.

Where you look around for the people who are meant to be there helping you be okay and realise that they are not there.

Where you feel vulnerable and alone.

Inside that feeling of being totally let down, you realise individualism (with it’s pedestal of being a totally independent woman who doesn’t need help from anyone especially …

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Seeding Doubt: Why “Asking The Question” Can Mean So Much More

When someone starts off a statement with “I don’t mean to be racist, but…” you know they’re about to say something racist.

Same with “I don’t want to sound rude, but…” You know they’re almost certainly about to hurt your feelings.

When someone starts a COVID-related post or comment with “Just asking the question…” chances are they’re not asking questions, they’re trying either trying to plant seeds of doubt, or passing on seeds of doubt that someone else has planted in them.

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Research Update 3: Fertility, Menstruation, COVID-19 and Vaccination

Below is the transcript of the video and audio research update I recorded on 20th Sept 2021 on the topic of fertility, menstrual changes, COVID-19 and vaccination against COVID-19. This information is information only, and does not take the place of individualised advice and consultation with your medical team. I hope you find this useful, and please feel free to share this resource with anyone you think might be interested.


Hello, my name is Anna Cusack, I am an author, a doula, Certified…

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Do Your Own Research?

anna c
Without a doubt the two most utterly stupid phrases trotted out in the past 18 months are

1. “It’s not a race.” Righto ScoMo, how about you go tell that to the people of Wilcannia and all the other communities you and the state Libs have right royally let down.


2. “Do your own research.”

Having marked hundreds of “research skills” assessment papers from uni students, I can assure you that without specific training, very few people can access, understand and apply the …

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