Why I won't ask to hold your baby

A postpartum doula will not ask to hold your baby.
We recognise the sanctity of the bond you and your baby have, the interdependence of your biological, hormonal and emotional needs through the early days and entire fourth trimester with your baby earthside.
And so, we will not visit intending to hold your baby, but to hold you in whatever way you need.
That may be through nurturing touch massage, talking you through a guided meditation while you feed or doing your dishes while we debrief on the week that has been. We do not mind what form our service takes, so long as it helps you to feel loved and cared for.
Of course, we will hold your baby if you ask us to. If a shower or nap will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, we will cradle or wear the baby as you wish, but we have no expectation of baby cuddles.
We’re there for you, while you’re there for your baby, and it’s an honour to be so.


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