Private Mentoring and Remote Support


For mothers, motherhood supporters and writers. You are invited to book a private call with me, to work through the challenges you are facing in your transition to motherhood, day to day life, parenting, writing endeavours and parenthood-related business.

I offer my remote mentoring services on a "pay as you can" basis. I trust you to choose what you can afford, and am appreciative of your support. Like all mums, please remember I have my own costs to cover and can not work for free! 

When you book this session, I will send you a booking link to select the best time for your session. 

Private session guide range: $60-130AUD.

"SERVE" - Six week post-birth support package. I am honoured to truly serve you during your postpartum, as you serve your baby, with deep love. This six week care package includes:

  • A pre-natal call (if your baby hasn't arrived yet) to help you make a plan for a peaceful and rejuvenating postpartum.
  • Supporting your emotional transition to motherhood - weekly video calls with me to value and validate your experience of motherhood and mothering work, birth story processing, and guide you on physical rehab if desired.
  • Mama mentoring - unlimited voice message check ins using app Voxer, so you have a constant sounding board and cheerleader in your corner.
  • Concierge services to help arrange any referrals and appointments you might need post-birth.
  • Resources at your fingertips - personally-selected online and audio resources on all aspects of mama and baby care, direct to your device when you need them.
  • A copy of my book delivered with love by your local postie

I offer my remote mentoring services on a "pay as you can" basis. The prices shown here are at the lowest end of my price range. If you are able to contribute beyond the amount shown I am appreciative of your support. The range for this package is $600-900. Please contact me if you'd like to set up a payment plan.

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Pricing options