Mothers And Birth Parents Are Not Doormats. It's Time We Stopped Trampling Them.

not your passenger
“I’ll schedule your induction for Wednesday”

“I’ll check your cervix now”

“This will make the placenta come faster”

“They’re latching fine, you’ll get used to it”

“It’s policy to place them back in the crib”

“Just let them cry, they’ll soothe themselves”

“Tongue ties aren’t real”

“Start topping up with formula after each feed”

“It’s normal to feel low/anxious/exhausted”

“You should be grateful you had any leave at all”

“Maybe your standards are just too high?”

“You’re overreacting”

“Skip the smashed avo and you’ll manage those bills”

“This is just the way it is”


Our gut feel is not wrong, the systems that dismiss it are.

Mothers are NOT the doormat of society on which others should feel free wipe their muddy feet.

Primary parents should NOT be treated like passengers on someone else’s power trip.

Not in the OBs office

In the birth room

Not in recovery

Or the paed office.

Not in our relationships

Our homes

Our workplaces

Or in policy.

It’s time to stop trampling over us in pursuit of “productivity”.

What could be more productive than raising loving, caring humans?

Never forget that your work is important, and so are you.

Pass it on.


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