Motherhood and child-raising are framed as sites of competition.

I've given up
Motherhood and child-raising are framed as sites of competition.
From the very start, you’ll be told you don’t want your child to be at the smaller end of the growth chart.
You want them to be ahead of their milestones.
You want them to be “keeping up” at school.
And if they're not, well, it’s on you.
What did you do wrong?
Did you give them too much support, or not enough?
How did you let this happen on your watch?
Mothers and primary parents are tasked with the impossible - always make sure all of their children are always “ahead” because if they “fall behind” some arbitrary standard it means you’re a failure.
You’re not.
It’s a tactic to make us throw money at “solutions” to “advance” our kids as though they are problem to solve, and it’s bogus.
No child is a problem, the society that labels them so is.
Apply the same logic to yourself, and it will set you free.
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