My Kids Are Not The Problem. Your Expectations Are.

Kids are not good sleepers, by adult standards.

Kids eat frequently, by adult standards.

Kids are emotionally volatile, by adult standards.

Kids are clingy, by adult standards.

Kids are hyperactive, by adult standards.

Kids are loud, by adult standards.

Kids are messy, by adult standards.

Kids ask too many questions, by adult standards.

✅Yes! Kids are a lot, but that’s not actually a problem.

❌Adult standards ARE a problem.

🧐Many expectations of babies and young children are hangovers from what “experts” thought they knew about optimal child development in the early 1900s persist.

💰 These are reinforced by patriarchal capitalism that wants to sell us solutions to “fix” our “problematic” children, and tells us that to be useful citizens we must must prioritise earning over caregiving.

Your kids are not broken for being, asking for and needing a lot.

You are not “too soft” for giving it to them, or “too weak” or “needy” for seeking support in return.

You do you.

Keep doing “family” your way.

And then one day, when faced with an actual problem, your kids won’t remember anyone else’s expectations, they’ll remember you love them and always have their back.

What a good problem to have.


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