Parenting Affirmations and the Cult of Presence

anna cusack hand on face
🤱This morning I listened to a body relaxation and affirmations recording I used when my daughter was tiny.

👉🏼It told me I would be “present” today.

👉🏼It told me I would smile because I knew I was “doing my best in every moment”.

👉🏼It told me I my best was “always good enough”.

💕Instead of feeling relaxed, I felt compassion for the New Mum who filled her head with such crap.

🌞 Today I step into my day knowing:

❌I will not be present all day long

❌I will not smile through every moment

❌I do not need to give “my best” at all times to be an effective, caring parent.

🌏The world will try and sell you maternal martyrdom and parental perfection at every turn.

🙅🏼‍♀️You do not need to buy in.

🌻In all its mess, frustration, delight, anger, joy, sadness, intensity and confusion, I hope you move beyond “nice” to have a satisfying, meaningful, memorable day, and that if you don’t, that’s ok too.


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