This is What Career Suicide Looks Like

this is what career suicide looks like
“Don’t touch this topic Anna, it’s career suicide.”
At first I tried to “love and light” my content through it.
I tried to continue talking pregnancy, birth, postpartum, motherhood and parenting as if the world as we knew it wasn’t burning down around us.
I tried to make sure I wouldn’t turn off any “potential clients”...
...until I realised that not speaking was eating me up inside.
I was being a bystander as misinformation spread like wildfire through the birthie community.
The flames of that fear were being fanned onto the very people I was trying not to offend by keeping my lips zipped- a fire that would potentially kill them.
If a pregnant person needs contracts COVID-19 in their late second and third trimester, they are significantly more likely to need ICU care.
They are more than double as likely to die than non-pregnant women with COVID-19.
They are more likely to experience pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, pre-term labour, c-section birth, and post-partum haemorrhage.
Their babies are more likely to be born prematurely, be in fetal distress, be a low birth weight, and need NICU care.
Yes, clinical trials of vaccines are ongoing, but population studies have given us much information already.
Thousands and thousands of real pregnant and lactating people who were vaccinated by real vaccines in the real world have been studied, with no indications that vaccines are any less safe for them than they are for the general population, and no increased risk of complications or loss to their babies.
Vaccination reduces the risk of getting infected by around 80%, and you can’t get sick from a disease you don’t have.
It markedly reduces your risk of severe disease if you do get coronavirus.
Maybe it is “career suicide”.
Over 150 people have unfollowed my socials in the last month.
Professional relationship bridges have definitely been burnt, and in some ways it feels like I’ll be starting from scratch as lockdown lifts.
But my work is in postpartum care, and I can’t support birth parents if they don’t survive their pregnancy.
Some people will tell you it’s the flu, it’s nothing, it’s all hype.
Some will tell you you’re insane or even morally reprehensible for hesitating.
I’ll tell you to stay safe regardless of if you’re vaccinated or not, and show you my certificate if you want a doula who is.
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