Reimagining Post-Lockdown Life

Where do my priorities lie?
In the home where I’ve been while dreaming of outside?
In the eyes I avoid when the feelings are too strong?
The teeth that bite if you’re awake too long?
The food demanded, chewed then thrown away?
The same path walked each and every day?
In day care or swim class or playgrounds galore,
Or a job that beckons behind long locked doors?
In a bank account that could be healthy or be bare,
Or a heart that is full of love to share?
In lessons to learn and life to live,
Of stories to tell and hugs to give?
Of dimpled smiles and in furrowed brows,
I don’t know what’s next but I know that for now
My achy heart knows how much I care
And that I can be hopeful and still feel scared
I am not the same as I was before
And when I spend this time I want to be sure
That I’m exactly where I yearn to be
With the people we’ve truly wanted to see
With those who give my kids time and grace
Where I can be me without a brave face
Where there is substance and heart and conversation is deep
Where we talk about more than statistics and sleep
Community, music, nature and sun
Where I laugh and remember life’s brilliant and fun
Where the weight of our world is lighter shared
May we meet one another with love and with care.
[ID: an awkwardly angled photo looking up at Anna smiling, with the edge of her child’s face in shot. Luckily there are no big boogers in sight.]


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