'Know Thy Enemy' (This is How it Works re Covid)

Dear humans of Australia (especially NSW),

This is how it works.👇🏻

The Federal government controls the economy, taxation, welfare payments and international trade deals and allocation of Federal resources (aka, securing doses of the Big V and distributing it).

The State government looks after health care, ambulance, police and education.

So Scotty From Marketing covers his tracks in royally fluffing the rollout of the Big V by telling people it’s “not a race” and flip-flopping in advice every seven seconds.

In waltzes our friend The Big C, specifically the D Edition to Sydney. Gladys from State Liberal Party Land goes “let’s see how this goes for a few days, don’t anyone panic.”

A few days later, everyone is absolutely panicking.

Greater Sydney locks down, then some parts lock down harder, then Regional NSW joins too.

When it seems zero cases is an impossibility, Gladys and her Lib State government affirm our healthcare system needs as slow a spread as possible so as not to run out of ambulances and ambos, hospital beds, ventilators, specialty machines and drugs, and the doctors and nurses needed to use them.

The lockdowns are gonna be sticking around a long time or else a lot of people will die because only a tiny fraction of those needing hospitalisation will be able to get it at any time.

ScoMo rejects calls to reinstate JobKeeper and extend or ramp up other pandemic-related support payments. He starts saying the states should look at opening up the economy again.

People are understandably pissed about lockdowns because they are lonely, bored sh**less, remote schooling is hard and they are going under financially.

Some of the angry people start rallying in person and online for the State to end lockdowns.

Gladys calls on the State’s police force to make these protests as small as possible so as to not spread even more Big C that’s undoubtedly going to put even more strain the health system.

Some of the angry people use it as “proof” the State is hell-bent on controlling its population with the V and ruining their lives for eternity.

Meanwhile the health system is actually struggling - ambos are having some of the biggest workloads ever, and hospital staff are exhausted after months of overtime.

More exposure to the Big C coupled with chronic overwork and stress mean even with all the protective equipment in the world, health care workers start getting sick too.

The people meant to be treating the ill people are now off work ill (or told to stay away because someone in their household is sick etc.), and their colleagues who were already working far too much unpaid overtime before the pandemic (maybe because decades of Liberal Fed governments have decimated uni funding, closed regional facilities in the name of “efficiency” and fragmented healthcare services through privatisation, plus the sadistic culture with the medical hierarchy that sees junior doctors working themselves literally to burnout and death to prove their capability) are now royally screwed.

While Gladys is trying to convince people to get the Big V and wait it out a bit longer, ScoMo and the other jocks up the back of the bus are still fanning the flames - “go on Gladys, let them go to work ya wimps”.

More people struggle mentally because they are not supported financially (Scotty’s job) while buying time for healthcare system to somehow hold on as long as possible without collapsing (Gladys’ job).

More people slide into rabbit holes and decide it’s just flu and *That Hysterical Woman* is keeping them hostage until they drink from her poison V chalice.

These people slide further to the extreme right end of the political spectrum to the people who are conveniently arguing to end lockdowns, spreading blatant misinformation and also oppose just about every piece of decent-human-legislation proposed.

This works for the right wing Liberal Party (who one might speculate is largely to blame for this mess), who will likely lose votes next election for their major cock ups over the last year and a half, but generally make agreements with small party or independent hard right Members of Parliament to support their (abhorrent) policies in return for allegiances to other bills or even to claim leadership if the split of seats is tight.

Meanwhile, as the still-captive people of NSW (and Victoria, and everywhere else locked down) turn on one another on the internet, Scotty magically gets an exemption from quarantine rules to fly from Melbourne to Sydney on a TAXPAYER FUNDED PRIVATE JET FOR FATHERS’ DAY.

For real.

I think I’ll leave that one there.


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