Babywearing - more than a Sensitive New Age trend

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Some bubs LOVE being worn. We're carrying mammals after all.

There are wraps, slings, structured carriers... How to choose?

This is what we know:

Baby wearing helps the infant stay close to the caregiver and regulate its breathing and reduce stress levels (neurodevelopment).

There are myths and truths around baby wearing and baby's hips, and postural considerations for the caregiver (science, anatomy).

The proximity of the baby by touch and scent accelerates bonding between the wearer and the baby (bonding).

Some babies like being upright and moving when not feeding, and may like to sleep in this position (settling options).

Mum can nap when someone else is wearing the baby (mama sleep).

If mum wears the baby, we want to be sure her muscles are up to it, especially her pelvic floor (postnatal rehab).

Baby wearing can help mum get outside and walk, and do other tasks she enjoys (exercise, mental health).

It is possible to breastfeed the baby while it is in the carrier (breastfeeding).

There are ways to help babies be comfortable with different caregivers wearing or carrying them (it takes a village).

Baby carriers leave your hands free, but are not a replacement for helping hands! (Again, village).

Different carriers are better for different builds and heights, some are more complex than others. I teach you how to use a variety of carriers safely, choose suitable one(s) for you according to the age and size of your baby, and how to position baby optimally (skills, confidence building).

This is how we tie it all together!

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