Obstetrix: Mothering the mother beyond birth

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As the woman stands opposite, she breathes. Her shoulders are relaxed, her gaze is reassuring.

Her ears and eyes are open, she sees all of you laid bare, and breathes. She does not shy away or problem solve.

She sees your obstacles through fresh eyes, and breathes love into them, into you.

And as her heart wraps around yours, you breathe anew. You feel your true self step forth, without temptation to embellish or hide.

"The woman who stands opposite", "the one who sees obstacles" and "midwife" are the literal translations of the Latin word "obstetrix".

As women we have the power to midwife each other through our lifetimes, well beyond the western "obstetric" care window.

When we let our masculine, productive busy-ness drop, our femininity allows us to weave connections and hold space.

As we hold this space for other women, meaningful discovery can be made.

When we quiet our desire to "fix", we become a springboard for positive change in the sharer's life.

And beyond this, as we see our capacity to inspire this growth through our mere presence, we see our true light and power reflected in the eyes of another.

Do you need to be seen, or see your light reflected?

This is the work of a close friend, a confident or a postpartum doula. I'm here if you need me at any stage of your mothering journey - once postpartum, forever postpartum.


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