How "Baby Brain" Makes You Smarter

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So many mamas ask about baby brain.

Maybe you forget your colleague's name.

Or you pack for swimming lessons and arrive with a swim nappy and goggles but no swimmers.

Or you arrive at your appointment on the right day and the right time but on the wrong week.

So is "baby brain" real? Yes.

Is it exaggerated? Often.

So why does it happen? This is why.

Your brain goes through a software upgrade when you're pregnant.

1. Your brain shrinks in specific areas. It deletes some old connections that are unimportant to your baby's survival to make room for new connections that are.

2. You get better at reading body language (not sure if you noticed, but newborns don't talk).

3. You get better at empathising, problem solving and adapting to new tasks (and there are suddenly lots of new problems and tasks).

4. The placenta installs new hormone receptors in your brain so every time you breastfeed it gives you a hit of "feel good" bonding hormones.

5. These same hormones and their extra receptors make you more resilient to stress and lack of sleep.

6. The upgrade continues over the first few years if your baby's life. Your brain volume builds back up to it's original size, with the best of your old skills and new skills combined.


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