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In-Home Postpartum Care

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Mama.

Postpartum traditions across over 170 cultures share five key components. Provision of the first four of these (extended rest, warmth, nourishing food, and body work) are reliant upon a bedrock of community support. In times past, the support of our village of sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers functioned as a source of immunity for new mothers from exhaustion, overwhelm and long-term physical and mental ill-health. Traditionally, mother support is provided most intensively in the first six weeks post-birth, and continues in some capacity for the next six weeks as well (the entire "fourth trimester").

In short - we do not thrive in isolation, and it is not normal for us to be at home alone all day with a new baby. In a modern world where this maternal support is not inbuilt in our cultural experience of early motherhood, I am here to fill this gap. I am a woman, mother, nurturer, feeder. I am a mother guide, the person who listens and walks alongside you as you transition from maiden to mother, whether for the first or fifth time.


All face-to-face support packages include:

  • A prenatal home visit if your baby hasn't arrived yet (or video call if you prefer) to plan your peaceful and supported postpartum by identifying your strengths and support needs, and connecting you with services that can meet them. This session costs $80 and is offered as a stand-alone service. If you choose to take up a support package, that $80 will be taken off the cost of your selected package. Payment plans for all packages are available and individualised on request.

  • A series of 3-18 in-home support visits during the first 6-12 weeks after your baby's birth, the number and frequency of which are determined by what you feel you need to be properly supported in your postpartum.

  • Remote voice message support on non-visit days, personal concierge service and access to my professional referral network for the remainder of your pregnancy and the first 6-12 weeks post-birth, dependent on which package you choose.

  • Access to my extensive lending library of books and resources.

  • A gorgeous hamper of luxurious organic mama massage oil, a copy of my book and other treats.

Support visits are meet the Newborn Mama's five main needs. Every three-hour visit looks a little different according to what she needs on the day. A visit can include any of the following.

  • Food - nourishing meals and snacks cooked fresh in your kitchen, herbal teas, collecting pre-ordered groceries on the way to your home.

  • Rest and nurture - holding baby while you nap or shower, doing household tasks like laundry or dishes while you nap, assisting with other children so you can focus on baby, talking you through personalised guided meditations or visualisations,

  • Warmth - warm food, a sock in warm bath, warm oil massage, warm heart to truly care for you in this precious time.

  • Bodywork - nurturing touch massage, teaching infant massage, belly-binding, women's health rehab support.

  • Community support - village building, a listening ear, emotional support, birth story processing, troubleshooting breastfeeding, help with baby-wearing, cloth nappy support if relevant, reassurance and organising professional referrals if something is "outside the norm", life admin help.

Face-to-face support packages vary in duration from 3 post-birth visits to 18 (as well as the prenatal visit), and are valued from $800 - $4400 (although I think you'll find this deep nurture is priceless!).

Whether your child is 4 days old or 4 years old, and whether you have one child or four, mothering is hard work. Regardless of how much support you do or don't have, you find yourself giving your all, then reaching in deeper to reserves to give more to your little ones. Allow me to give you the help and time-out you deserve. 

Please email me at anna@annacusack.com.au to find out more about my how I can support you in your time of need.

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