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Got ideas brewing about your work (or future work) with families, want me to cast an eye over your writing, or seeking clarification on anything you've heard on the podcast?

The session is online, and open to people (parents or not) anywhere in the world.
Sat 27th Sept, 8.30pm AEST

"Pay as you can" structure
Circle only: minimum request $10, option to add on if you want and feel financially able to.
You can also choose the check in + private message support option if you're feeling in need of a little leg up right now.

[Please note - There is no expectation to contribute beyond the base prices and no need to justify what you've paid. You know what you need and what you can do right now and I respect that 100%]


Since releasing Mama, You’re Not Broken I’ve had many aspiring authors contact me and ask for guidance on what to do about getting their book manuscript from its draft form to a real, hold-in-you-hands book. This 15 page guidebook details my process, and some things I would recommend considering as you embark on your self-publishing process, from editing to uploading and launching your work into the world.

SPACIOUS: Make room in mum-life for pure possibility.

3 trainings, 3 meditations to keep, $33.

This course was delivered live in September 2020 and is now in self-study mode.

This short course is for mums and mums-to-be who feel called to:

  • Open to the possibilities that lie hidden behind piles of laundry and mental to-remember lists.
  • Feel more easeful in their mothering practice.
  • Ditch mum-guilt and create realistic self-care practices.
  • Reorganise their home systems to create more space for me-time.
  • Want mama meditation recordings to keep and use at any time.

SPACIOUS takes place inside a closed Facebook group. When you register you'll be sent an email with a link to join the closed group.

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