Partners and Recommendations


Want to do what I do?

I don't blame you! It's brilliant work. Here are a few links that will help you get started. I don't affiliate for any of these programs, and I only partner with women and people in business who have taught me an immense amount and whose business practices are ethically sound. Feel free to ask me any questions about any of these courses.

How can I get into postpartum support work?

There are a couple of peak bodies for training postpartum doulas. The one I chose to study through was Newborn Mothers Collective with Julia Jones. I have also done their Breastfeeding Support Professionals training program. You can find out more about her course and grab her free guidebooks here. NMC offer scholarships ahead of their live course rounds. Those experiencing marginalisation or hardship of any kind are welcome to apply.

Can I learn business from you?

Business itself isn't really my jam, but I can highly recommend my own mentor, Carlie Maree. If you are totally new to business, check out the New to Biz course bundle here. If you've already started and are looking to grow, the Business Bundle would be your best bet. You can also choose specific courses from within the Business Bundle to help your online business become bingeable (Messenger), stumble-upon-able (Reach) and buyable (Leader). Carlie is rolling our tiered pricing across all her courses to increase accessibility.

Can you help me with writing my book?

Lots of people have been asking me about the self-publishing process, so many that I made a little guidebook (found here). I am happy to chat about paid editing, mentoring support in your writing and publishing process, or co-authorship projects. Use the form on the "Contact" page to start the conversation.

"Motherhood Studies" sound amazing. Where can I learn more?

Sociologist Dr. Sophie Brock is creator and founder of the Motherhood Studies Practitioner Certification program. As a graduate of this program, I can recommend it highly to all those practitioners who work wth mothers and families in any support capacity. You can find out more about the program and scholarship options here.

How can I find professionals in my area that get motherhood like you do?

So many wonderful services can be delivered remotely, but I understand it's not the same as being right there in the flesh. Good places to start include the Postnatal Project practitioner and services directory, and the Newborn Mothers Collective postpartum doula directory.

Any hot tips for Newcastle area?

Yes! Get yourself into Yum Mum Tum boutique and Newcastle Birth Movement (both in Hamilton), The Nurture Centre (Cardiff) and Mums Cottage (Holmesville). These places host a variety of mother support services, doula drop-ins, lactation support, infant massage, prenatal and postnatal yoga and pilates, breastfeeding and maternity clothing, playgroups and more. The Australian Breastfeeding association local branches are also very helpful. If you're thinking rehab or pelvic floor checks, I recommend Fit-4-2 Physiotherapy and Complete Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. 

Are there any other resources you recommend for those looking at getting in to motherhood support work?

The upcoming "Midnight Mothers" course by Alicia Johnson critically investigates the impact of the privatisation of the birth industry in Australia on First Nations women and looks amazing.

Dr. Erin Bowe’s work regarding birth trauma is a great resource, as is Dr. Greer Kirschenbaum’s holistic sleep course with Bebo Mia. 

I consider Dr. Oscar Serralach's book "The Postnatal Depletion Cure" as essential reading, as well as my own book!

My podcast has many other links to people who work and teach in the space of birth and parenting support. Episode 9 with Caroline Ellen on children’s safety is a great place to start, as is Episode 17 with Lucy Ruddle regarding the complexities of infant feeding, including mixed feeding methods.